Friday, August 1, 2008


KAELYNN... Finally Filled up and Worn Out! Poor Rocky..... As a COOL Nonna I don't want to always tell my grand kids no or battle with them over irrelevant issues so I am trying to be open minded and FUN. I am not sure if that entails letting them eat most everything they want. Just since she woke up, Kaelynn has eaten: cereal, waffles, yogart, strawberries, chips (she did sneak those), granola bar and Wes just gave her a hot dog, chips and queso. All but the later were before 11:30 am! Maybe she is growing, maybe my food just taste better (it's possible), or maybe she is bored with a middle aged Nonna that doesn't have a trampoline. We have been shopping, played outside, played lots of doll stuff, and she has taken many baths. We are going to the beach and aquarium also. Maybe she is just having so much fun she is working up and appetite. Thanks to Julia and Jake for lending me a playmate! Our CASA (court appointed special advocate) training class was sworn in last night by Judge Lewis. It was kind of exciting. Can't wait to get started.

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