Thursday, October 2, 2008


After watching Wes "Conquer the Coast"Saturday; I am inspired to get back on my bike after weeks (possibly months) of me ignoring her. First of all, my front tire was flat, then my odometer battery was dead (I am convinced the thing thought its work was over and no need to go on) so then I remembered that after you change the battery, everything goes back to 0. The mileage, average speed, etc. What an amazing thing this has always been for me in my life; to be able to go back to 0. Believe me when I say, I have needed to change batteries MANY times. How happy our family, friends, and especially our Savior must be when we change our batteries, go back to 0, learn from our mistakes, and start fresh. Yay for new school years, clean sheets, empty laundry baskets, babies, blank canvases, and especially Repentance.