Monday, November 10, 2008


Jake, Cody, Brandon,Jacob and Jaden: Which fish would you rather catch; these or the little ones in Colorado? Wes


Jake and Julia Soler said...

Jacob: "I only catch big fish!"

Jaden: "I just like to catch catfish."

(I think by then Jerod will want to go for the little fish that are more his size.)

Julia: "Even though I was not even asked! ....the big house near the mountains in Colorado."

Jake and Julia Soler said...

hehehe...Jaden says he will not even get mad if he catches a fish again this year, he will even be good all that day.

Jake and Julia Soler said...

Well judging by the fish that I didn't catch when we went to visit, I'll probably stick with the little ones. I would hate to be fish food.

Blog-O-Seaton! said...

Well it would be nice to catch catfish that you can actually clean and eat! Although catching stingray and blue crap is pretty fun.

Blog-O-Seaton! said...

Oh and by crap I mean crab.