Monday, December 15, 2008


Imagine my excitement when I came home to find this under the tree! My my Wes has tried this once before with the last gun he got. I think that one was suppose to be for my birthday. Although very kind and thoughful of him, I wonder if he is going to be as excited about his new Coach purse as I am about my shotgun!!!!(excuse me; a 30-06) whatever that means??!!


Diane said...

That is so funny. My Dad got my Mom a shotgun for their first wedding anniversary; they were married 53 years so maybe it is good luck for your husband to give you a shotgun but I'm not sure about a 30-06 rifle.

One more thing...I know exactly where Portland is, we have friends/Craig's co-worker who lives there.

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Laura Swenson said...

How thoughtful!!!