Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Thanks to Diane, my long lost buddy from Amarillo days past, I have received my first blogger award.
I am to post 7 things that no one knows about me and then nominate 5 fellow bloggers to do the same. So here goes......

1. I am obsessed with a certain soap opera. I STILL watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" every day. Actually I record it and watch it sometime during the day or weekend. I have watched as long as I can remember...shhh don't tell anyone.

2. I am the favorite child and grandchild of the family on both sides; just ask GiGi, my dad, my brother or anyone related to me. I always have been!

3. I love to buy small kitchen appliances and gadgets. I usually don't use them and some of them I don't know how to use, but I love to collect them. Does anyone use their powdered sugar spoon? I think mine is cute but have never used it.

4. I often live out of the dryer! I hate to put clothes up. I like to wash and dry them but after that I am done. I have used the "dewrinkle" cycle more than once so I could wear something..oh, I don't iron unless I absolutely have to either.

5. Lately, I have been singing to the radio quite loudly in my car. I have been told I am a terrible singer but I really do think I sound good sometimes! I am practicing so I can get better at Rock Band! I stink at the guitar and drums so this is all I have left! Kids be ready for my next trip home.

6. I went two days in a row last week without bathing OR washing my hair...I know, GROSS but I didn't feel good and didn't care.

7. When I was a little girl about 12 years old or so I went with my grandparents and aunt and uncle on vacation to Arkansas. While we were there me, a friend of mine and a couple of cousins (they were innocent bystanders) stole a case of empty coke bottles from a laundry mat in town then we went to the filling station to "cash them in" little did we know the owner of the gas station was related to the owner of the filling station and were on to us. But, the man gave us the cash, let us take off, then proceeded to call the resort and turn us in. I have since repented!!!

I tag Julia, Jena, Jordan, Laura, and Vicki


Diane said...

Two things...I remember selling coke bottles to have money to go to the swimming pool and living out of the drier is pretty standard around our house too. I learned it from my mom.;)

Jake and Julia Soler said...

You are the one that gave me the bad singing gene!!! :-) I knew it was all your fault! haha!

And I never knew you had an evil streak in you...now I do!

Third of all....I think that I also inherited being the favorite of the family because that's my role now...well, I was with Gigi until CODY came along!!!