Monday, October 18, 2010


Thanks to the Seaton's, we welcomed our SIXTH beautiful grandbaby into the world on Sept. 8th. Morgan Kae Seaton is as unique and special as they all are. Morgan is sweet, very cuddley, quiet (at least for now) and really loves to be swaddled and HELD. We blame the latter on her mother. How grateful I am for beautiful, healthy and happy grandbabies who are loved and cared for by wonderful parents. I never realized how wonderful it would be to enjoy these precious kiddos, play with them, spoil them and then go home to a QUIET bed and let their parents deal with the rest. I highly recommend it. INTRODUCING MISS MORGAN KAE SEATON: WHAT A BEAUTY JARED IS QUITE THE "MOMMA'S BOY" AND IT IS ALWAYS A CHALLENGE TO GET HIM TO COME PLACES WITH ME...OR JUST LET ME HOLD HIM. I USUALLY HAVE TO RESORT TO A CANDY BRIBE! KAELYNN CELEBRATED HER FIFTH BIRTHDAY WITH A PRINCESS THEME AND OF COURSE A PRINCESS BIKE...SHE IS THE PRINCESS; THAT'S FOR SURE Never a dull moment with JADEN around....he is NEVER still. Kennedy loves Jump N Jive; so does her momma (who looks fantastic after just giving birth) Jacob's growing up....thank goodness these are temporary!!!!.......... ANXIOUSLY AWAITING THE BIRTH OF OUR BABY'S BABY....JORDAN AND BRANDON ARE ADDING TO THE BUNCH WITH LUCKY NUMBER 7 IN APRIL!!!!!

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Diane said...

Congratulations on your new addition and future addition. You have beautiful Grandchildren.