Thursday, March 20, 2008

Going to do better!

Ok, I realize I have been using this blog as more of a photo album than a place to keep friends and family informed of our life; as boring at times as it may be. Our move to Portland has been hard but good (ok I said it) in some ways. I have never more appreciated our family and friends than being without them and missing them. Jordan and her 3 best friends; Jordi, Whitney and Tory came to visit Wes and I for spring break. I am very tired and love it. I am reminded of times I ran 3 daughters to school, church, sports, friends' houses, movies, etc and still tried to cook, clean and stay sane. This kind of daughter visit is so different but so special to me. What wonderful women our 3 very lovely, talented and different gals have become. Jordan is coaching some fantastic 7th grade girls at Westover Park Intermediate School while finishing up her Education degree. Jena is married to a great guy who shares Wes' love for music and guitars. Jena is a nurse at a family medical clinic and loves her job; but not nearly as much as she loves Cody and their newest family member Kennedy Grace. What great parents they are. Julia is living with her family in Borger where her HARD working husband works as a police officer-among any other jobs he can find to support his growing family. Although Julia also is persuing a degree in Education; I personally think her degree should be in motherhood. She is a great one. Jacob, Jaden and Kaelynn are lucky to have her. As our first Easter away from Amarillo and family approaches, I am reminded of our Savior and His love for me. He is aware I am going to miss all my "loves" in Amarillo and I hope gives me an opportunity to serve someone this Easter that needs me. I am praying for that opportunity. I'll let you know how it goes.

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