Monday, March 24, 2008


Well Easter was alright and I did get to teach a group of Sunday School kids about Christ as a young boy. I did have to do some research; but it went well. It was sad not being home and seeing the kids hunting Easter eggs. I also missed Aunt Robbie's deviled eggs, the Sargent's brisket and everything about Aunt Genny and Uncle Jim's house. I'll remember that next year!! I am going to Amarillo tomorrow morning to babysit Kennedy-yeah. Poor Wes will be here. The dogs got baths and groomed today so I posted pictures. Did I mention I get bored?

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Victoria said...

Dogs look great. Need pictures of new backyard so I can copy it here in Lubbock. Must name the "Queen" palm Victoria. It's the only good name for a queen. - Vicki