Monday, March 31, 2008

Nonnasitting Kennedy

Well, Wes and I made it home Saturday pm. Took some pictures along the way of wildflowers (bluebonnetts and I don't know what). Kennedy and I got along great although she did hide my keys in her diaper bag and Cody and Jena had to mail them to me! I told them not to punish her though because she just wanted me to stay. We ate, sleep, swang (she did) watched Ellen (her favorite show cuz it's funny) and visited GiGi. I am so sad didn't get to see Jaden and Kaelynn in Borger; nor Jacob. Went to eat with Jordan and Brandon and saw a new Husky puppy Brandon just bought-very cute. I have decided to do some painting around the house to brighten things up a little. Not sure what color or where yet. In 19 days Julia will be here to visit and spend her birthday-I can't wait.

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Julia said...

ah! Poor Kennedy, she looks like her feelings are really hurt. She's getting so big too. ...and yay! only 14 more days till I'm finally at your house...if I can make it through the airports yikes! Can't wait! (p.s. the blog is great mom!)