Saturday, July 26, 2008


So much has happened since I posted last...after Jordan and Brandon visited the Seaton and Soler families came to visit. We celebrated Jena, Jacob and Wes' birthdays. We celebrated Father's Day and Wes was able to bless Kennedy here in the Portland Ward on Sunday 15th (Father's Day). Except for missing a daughter and soon to be son-in-law, it was perfect. We all went to the aquarium, the boys went fishing (Jaden caught his first fish), the girls went shopping, and everyone but Nonna and the little girls went to the Lexington. The house finally felt like home.
Jordan and Brandon are officially engaged. He proposed at Palo Duro Canyon in a cave! I flew in and surprised her. So now we are busy planning a between Thanksgiving and Christmas wedding. Great timing except I really enjoy Thanksgiving and tend to over stuff so we will see how that goes.
I met my good friends Kim and Elaine in Fredricksburg for a couple of days of shopping, eating, visiting, eating, you know how we are. It was great to see them and catch up. How I miss my friends from home! I am certainly lucky to get to see them and spend fun times together.
Hurricane Dolly came and went. We were so fortunate in Portland not to have much damage. Just rain and wind. Wes had to head south to work on terminals and problems there. Many people in Harlingon, South Padre, and Edinburgh were without power and living in some difficult circumstances. We can all pray for them as the Lord watches over them and blesses them with what they need.
I have officially finished CASA (Court appointed special advocate) training and will be sworn in Thursday. This opportunity has enlightened me on the needs of children in some tough situations. I have already been blessed by attending training and meeting some wonderful and giving people. I can't wait to get started.
Finally, I am going to get Kaelynn next week so she can spend some time here with Wes and I. It will be her first plane ride and longest time away from mom, dad, and brothers. Thought Julia could use a break since she has been sick. Yep, we are expecting a new grandchild February 27th. It is so exciting; especially since I don't have to be the one pregnant or raising HER. I think its a girl but Julia thinks a boy is on the way. We will see!!! Can't wait to get Kaelynn here. Wonder if she will sleep in her own bed.........

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Laura Swenson said...

I am SO glad that you did not suffer any damage from the hurricane, but am sad for those who did. Congratulations on the continued growth of your family. I hope all is well for Julia and Jordan.

Keep us posted.