Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, our little Kaelynn flew home with me to Amarillo, and her dad was literally waiting as close to the gate as he was allowed. He was so glad to see her and Ok, I will admit it, she was thrilled to see her daddy. I kept telling her I was going to miss her, but all she could do was smile at Jake. I love that my granddaughter loves her daddy sooo much. Then after a few days in Amarillo wedding cake tasting, florist shopping, and all that wedding stuff with Jordan, Wes picked me up in Dallas and we went to the big OKlahoma City to meet the Seatons. We had so much fun with Jena, Cody and Kennedy. We went to the zoo, Bricktown, the mall, and ate at the Melting Pot. Melting Pot was great but way too much food. Kennedy even let me put her hair in the littlest ponytail you have ever seen on top of her head. She was sooo much fun and a sweetie. Kennedy loves her PePa almost as much as she loves her Nonna. Jordan is visiting us this week in Portland to finish up some wedding shopping. We are going to San Antonio tomorrow. We have had a lot of fun; although no sunshine yet to work on tans. Thursday I am going to be training some dolphins-well I am at least going to try to learn a few things at the Texas State Aquarium. I cannot wait. It was my birthday present from Wes. Who knows, I may have found my new career. We also have our first Eagle Scout (at least that I know of) on the Bacon side of the family. No, Chip didn't finally get past Life! Our nephew Matt is now an Eagle Scout and we are so proud of him. He and his parents worked very hard on this and now his reward has come. That reward being he doesn't have to do anymore paperwork nor listen to his parents ENCOURAGING him on!!! Way to go Matt!!

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jkseaton said...

Well I am very upset that I won't be able to see you in a wet suit tomorrow with your dolphin friends. I hope Jordan will take pictures so I can put them in a picture frame cause I'm just so proud of you!