Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today I went to my "Dolphin Trainer for a Day". It was a blast! I had to get up early, just like a real job. I learned several interesting facts about Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and met 3 of them; Shadow, DJ, and Ky. I cut up fish, weighed it, fed it to the dolphins, learned a few signals, learned how to use a whistle as a bridge (dolphin trainer lingo) and even how to inspect the dolphins for any abrasions. And much to my surprise and terror, I got to give them commands during the 10 O'Clock Dolphin Show at the Texas State Aquarium. I was so afraid I was going to 1. fall in the water 2. fall in the water 3. slip and fall into the water-but I didn't.As you can see, I thoughtI was the only one giving the commands; didn't notice the REAL trainer doing the same thing by my side until I saw this video that Jordan took. And yes I can hear Jordan and Wes making fun of me in the background of the video. Thats OK they can't say they even tried to be an almost Olympic Dolphin Trainer for a Day!!!!

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