Monday, September 1, 2008


We had a great Labor Day weekend. Wes and I picked Jena and Miss Kennedy up at the airport Friday night. Jena wasn't feeling too well, so Kennedy and I had a slumber party all three nights. She slumbered mostly on Friday and Saturday night, so Sunday night she was ready to PARTY!! Jena and I did get some shopping in while Wes Kennedy sat one afternoon then we went to the mall and found some necessities we needed. Did honor the tradition of eating at pier 99. Kennedy was busy the whole time she was here.............................SHE ATE SHE PLAYED IN BUBBLES AND THEN THEY WERE GONE.... Wes took me on a bike ride this afternoon to take my mind off the empty and quiet house. Here are some treats we see along the way to Indian Point Park on our rides.... Jellyfish came out for Labor Day Roseat Spoonbills (thanks Vicki) Scenery does help keep me pedaling. Great breeze at sunset.......HOPE EVERYONE HAD A HAPPY LABOR DAY


jkseaton said...

Oh how I miss those nights in the big comfy bed not waking up till the next morning and you waking up with Kennedy!!! That was the best!! Thanks again mom and dad!!!!

Laura Swenson said...

This is Vic - your family bird nerd. The name is Roseat Rose-e-at(meaning the state of being pink) Spoonbills. You also know the names of the Brown Pelican and Laughing Gull. They're not as pretty though.
You have the most beautiful grandchildren. I wish I could see Kennedy more often.

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Thanks Vicki,
I guess that is ONE of the reasons you are a science teacher and I'm not. I forgot about the Pelican and Laughing Gull-you did tell me that. My only real goal in life is to aquire more knowledge than my brother. Think I might go watch the office!