Friday, September 5, 2008


This morning I put my hair in a ponytail with Kaelynn's purple ponytail holder that has a lovely purple flower on it (don't even try to visualize). For breakfast I ate the last container of Kennedy's Gerber Stage 2 bananas, and loved em. Afterwards I brushed my teeth with a "mystery" toothbrush-not sure which grandchild it belongs to but I will say it HASN'T been used very much! I am sorry to whomever is using mine. I just finished tearing out more pages of flower bouquet ideas for Jordan's November wedding, while finding a place to keep baby bottles, spoons and a pacifier I just found in the couch cushion. I am still looking for my scripture markers I let Kaelynn color with. And before I step outside to mow I am putting "Just for Kids" cutter family mosquito wipes on. Just a few leftovers at our house from visits of the past few weeks. No wonder I miss home and family 650 miles away!!!OK I admit I do whine a lot about missing home, family and friends. As I was mowing, I told myself to be more positive and think of the things I love, OK like, about our new "ADVENTURE" so here goes.... . .I like the weather. Even though it is hot right now, the weather is great.... I like the church here. Very friendly, non judgemental, funny, laid back, Christ loving people.... I like Sonic Happy Hour. Don't tell me you have it too. I like to think I'm special.... I like our neighbors. We were invited to an engagement dinner after just barely meeting our next door neighbors. Our backyard neighbors (no alleys) live in California and have been here a total of two weeks in the last year.... I like no alleys. I really do!!!... I like that I can finally grow crape myrtles. I know you people in Amarillo can too-Kim-but this is my only shot. They practically grow wild here.... I like that Wes' office is 10 minutes from our house. It's only 7 if I drive it.... I like that we have a fun place for family and friends to visit.... I like that you can wear flip flops all year long.... I like that I found C.A.S.A... I like it that I am a dolphin trainer. I DO have a certificate!!!... I like it that I haven't yet met a rude teenager here. I am sure there are some, but so far so good... I like it that when I got caught dumping my grass clippings in the empty corn field across the street, I didn't get in trouble. Is that wrong? Wes does it.... I LOVE it that I now know how much I love and appreciate my family and friends. I may have never had the chance to really know how important they are to me!!!! Wait, did I just count my blessings?


Jake and Julia Soler said...

That's so funny! You must've got Jaden's new toothbrush...the funny thing is the kids have all been brushing and no one has noticed or said anything about suddenly having a new one...I should check to see who the lucky recipient is :-)

The Sturgess Family said...

Hi Wes & Donna!! Saw your link on Julia's page. Congrats on the new adventure, and on the precious grandkids.
Amber "Evans" Sturgess

jkseaton said...

That's probably the saddest thing I've ever read. Your crate and ever you spell it looks good though. Too bad you didn't have dad siting infront of it like I had Kennedy though, we could have matched. Ok well ready when you are to take kennedy for her 1st vacation!!