Sunday, September 28, 2008


Wes rode the "Conquer The Coast" 65(officially 68) mile ride Saturday. It was part of Corpus Christi's Bayfest sponsored by NuStar Energy(Go NuStar). He did great and finished strong. He said riding across the harbor bridge and inter coastal highway was fun! He did report that only the last 10 miles were less than wonderful. . . . . . . . .I was the official "pour water on him" person; it did start getting pretty hot!! Approaching Mustang Island He finished in 4 hours 15 minutes including rest stops Looking at this picture..all he needs is a big gold chain around his neck with that shirt unzipped!

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Jake and Julia Soler said...

GO DAD!!!! Jacob is especially impressed...not long before he'll be riding along with you :-)