Monday, September 22, 2008


I heard a great quote Sunday but am not sure of the author. It has stuck with me all week. "LIVE IN SUCH A WAY THAT THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW CHRIST WILL WANT TO KNOW CHRIST BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU". . . . . My Sunday school class had the opportunity to go with other kids from church to sing, take cards, and visit with some sweet folks at the assisted living center here in Portland. The kids sang their hearts out and quickly warmed up to the nice people that lived there. She was so proud of her card; she asked me to take this picture..This couple seemed to be mesmerized by the kids singing and clapped after EVERY number.Finally..HELEN who is 104 YEARS OLD! She was confined to her bed; but loved being sang to, was very talkative and told us she got the BIGGEST room because she was over 100! She also told me to "stand up straight"! Go HelenI think we all may have come to know Christ a little better Friday afternoon because of one another.

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