Friday, October 17, 2008


It sort of feels like the day after Christmas. You know, you get all excited, make lots of plans, cook, clean, shop, wait for the moment when you can get together with your loved ones; then it's over and whew...kind of a let down. After a fun filled weekend home in Amarillo, my quiet, empty and now clean house on the coast of South Texas isn't nearly so appealing. The belt on the self propelled lawnmower broke; so I have been the propeller until the new one comes in. I know what you are thinking-what a wimp. Well, that may be true but I am used to the propelling when I mow! Wes brought me home the nicest present a few weeks ago-a new weed eater. Not, diamonds, candy, flowers, or even clothes (which he can't really buy for me anyway) but a piece of yard equipment! I have been pretending I just can't work it right, but I am considering mowing the entire lawn with it if the belt doesn't come in soon. Back to being bored and lonely...It's not like there aren't things to do here. I went to a Institute Bible Study Tues. morning, have a friend who is going to help me get started scrap booking, we are going out to dinner tonight with couples from Wes' work, and tomorrow night to the Sinton Pro Rodeo (I AM excited about that one) and of course I have Wes and the dogs. But nothing compares to having your house full of kids and noise and music and laundry and homework etc...OK I guess I am in the middle of empty nest syndrome. I could go get a grand kid but the 3 oldest are in school and Kennedy won't sleep through the night-also I doubt her parents would part with her that long. I have even done "You've been Boo'd" bags for two families just to get something festive and Halloweeney started here Maybe it's the diet I am on. Could the lack of Dr. Pepper, chocolate, and chips and salsa be going to my brain! That's it.. I am going to take Rocky and Phoebe (the dogs) to the park and pretend they are children-who knows they might love to swing and slide. And the merry go round..wait til I put them on the merry go round.... See how excited they were when I told them where we were going!!


Jake and Julia Soler said...

They look scared, haha! They do look like they are benefiting from your boredom though, they sure look nicely groomed and fluffy! Never thought Phoebe would get fluffy! Well, if the quiet is bothering you that house is a zoo, a very chaotic, fun zoo :-) So just take a not so quiet and relaxing vacation over here!

jkseaton said...

That's maybe the most depressing blog you've had yet! Maybe you should take up scrapbooking...there's an idea!

Jake and Julia Soler said...

Hey come you haven't wrote any blogs about your Cowboys??? hehehe!!! I know Jake is not a happy camper and I sure love to aggravate him about his should come watch a game with us sometime! Me and dad can cheer them on for yall!