Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Done something REALLY stupid? I was going to use "dye in a box" before the wedding just to brighten up my color...glad I waited until after the wedding. Now I can't leave the house and where is my hairdresser when I need her?????


Blog-O-Seaton! said...

Ok, that does not look bad! You kinda look like Julia, it's just an extreme difference from what it "usually" looks like!!

Word from the Wards said...

I love your hair!! You're just not used to dramatic change...It looks good on you!

ps.... miss yall! Can you and dad come back for a week again?? We can pretend that there is a wedding next weekend??? Love yall!

Diane said...

Donna Gore,

I'm not sure how I got to your Blog but it's nice to "see" you. Craig and I went costal (Houston)almost 8 years ago and absolutely love it. I do miss having just 1 good Amarillo snowfall but I'm glad to be away from the lingering ice.

If you are ever in Houston (League City) look us up.

Diane Longcor