Thursday, February 12, 2009

A LOVEly Month

Yes, I am one of those people. Kim got me hooked on the Twilight series and I loved every one of the books. Then I decided to buy myself The Host. It isn't part of the series, but very good so far. I am entitled to get myself a Valentines present if I want to; so I did. Wes has never been very "ahead of the game" when it comes to The Holiday of Love. Last year he stopped on the way home and got me a house plant. Nice; but me a house plant! Anyhoo, I opened my book to read the other night and found this: Guess Who tried to take credit for my purchase-The AntiValentine Bandit..Good try Wes! Happy Valentines everyone; we are off to Amarillo for baptisms, babies, and who knows what!!!

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Kathi and Ryan said...

Hey Donna! This is Kathi (Jewell) Gray. I just found your blog over on Julia's...congrats on a new grandbaby! I just had to comment on this post. I was laughing SO. HARD. Tell Wes way to go. My husband would've done the same thing ;-)
(this year I bought myself a new MP3 player for v-day and told Ryan he BETTER write me a letter or card or something. He did, so we're all good.)