Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have so many great things to blog about and will do that TOMORROW.. but I like Vicki's "needs" tag so I googled Donna needs and got this:
1. Donna needs 2 hands to keep things steady.
2. Donna needs to find the ten things I need.
3. Donna needs a good crowding.
4. Donna needs a loving, giving adoptive family who can accept her.
5. Donna needs to find a boyfriend so her acidic mother Flo won't think she is gay.
6. Donna needs bloggers help.
7. Donna needs volunteers.
8. Donna needs to go.
9. Donna needs a shag campaign.
10. and finally...Donna needs compainionship of other female Asain elephants in a healthy environment!!!


timmons said...

Donna do we have a baby yet...I knew she was to go in on Thursday? Love ya Robin

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

He's here! What an ordeal; but God answers prayers and all is well. Thanks for asking. Love you too.
P.S. Your grandbabies are beautiful. It's fun isn't it.