Sunday, May 10, 2009


Jena, Cody and Kennedy spent an ENTIRE week with us and it was WONDERFUL!!!! They ate great seafood, shopped, fished, went to the beach, went to a concert, played and played with Kennedy and had a great time in San Antonio. It was a great Mother's Day week. Julia's kiddos made me a video, and Jordan and Brandon sent me some great pictures of them and the babies (granddogs!) Jena, Cody and Kennedy gave me a new robe. Then, best of all the girls gave me a ring from James Avery. I love it. Happy Mother's Day to me!!! Thanks girls.


Kim said...

I'm so glad to know you have a blog!!! send me your email at and I'll send you an "invite" to my blog. CUTE grandkids, by the way! love, kim

Jake and Julia Soler said...

I can't believe how much bigger Kennedy already looks and I just saw her a few weeks ago. She is so cute...her hair is getting curlier and precious!

I'm glad that you liked the ring and video and everything...hope you had a great Mother's Day!